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Louisiana Title Company Services

When you need to know everything about your impending purchase, you need an abstract expert.

title search

Title Search Services

Land Title Research conducts exhaustive title searches to reveal detailed and historical documents and information on any piece of land or real estate. The abstract search will reveal any legal actions, liens and debts related to the land or real estate in question.

The abstract of title will show transfers, grants, conveyances and encumbrances and whether any such action was resolved.

As a buyer you should request this kind of search to determine the current status of the property.

title recording

Title Recording Services

When purchasing land or real estate the buyer receives a deed. A deed is legal document that transfers owner and debts, known or unknown to the new buyer. The ownership of the property is not complete until the deed is in the owner's hand or their title agent.

The buyer should, upon receipt of the deed, have it recorded in to the public record and that is where Abstract Experts is the best choice for deed recording. We have 35 years of experience in recoding the detail required of any land or real estate purchase.

The purpose of recording the deed is to give "notice" to anyone, that you now have ownership interest in a particular piece of property.

title reports

Title Reporting Services

Abstract Experts provides detailed reports which reveal written analysis of the status of title to the purchaser including description, names of title-holders, taxes and encumbrances.

The title report is prepared by Land Title Research.

Associations and Memberships

member naltea
member naltea
member naltea

We Are a Proud Member of the National Association of Title Examiners and Abstractors and Source of Title.

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